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  • Our Name

    Once upon a time a young boy went with his parents as they met with a group of friends to play cards on a Friday night.

    The young boy took his usual spot on the couch and would either go through VCR tapes deciding which movie to play, or just settle on live television. As he lay there watching eventually the young boy felt his eye lids get heavy and he fell asleep.

    As the night ended Helen, one of his parents' friends, noticed the boy fast asleep.

    "Oh look", she said, "I'll give this sleeping frog a kiss and turn him into a handsome prince!"

    As she kissed the boy on the forehead from the depths of his being came out a "Ribbbbit!"

    Thus began years of frog gifts and collections for that young boy, and also our name, based on the care and friendship that something so simple could lead to for years to come.

  • About Us

    The candle making began as a hobby and way to relieve some anxiety.

    I've dealt with epilepsy for over 20 years and have found that making the candles and sharing them with friends seems to help my mindset and just, well, make me happy!

    After gifting some candles to friends and a local business I was encouraged to start selling. Over the course of months of figuring things out, asking a lot of questions, and the encouragement and support of friends and family I'm proud to be able to share Ribbit Candles with you and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!